This is Teleplan

With our Norwegian heritage, a number of our success stories started here. Often as results of close cooperation with long standing customers and innovation partners. Competence and solutions have later been exported to more than 40 countries around the world. Our employees represent more than 45 nationalities.

This is Teleplan

More than meets the eye

As Teleplan employees we know that attention to details is part of the recipe for success. To be focused is in our DNA. However, sometimes we enjoy stopping to reflect on the fact that we are part of something more, even in our professional lives.

More than meets the eye

Our business areas

Our group is organized as individual companies.
An active and direct ownership profile
ensures a common platform and shared values.

Teleplan Globe

Mission critical software

We develop and deliver solutions to Norwegian and international customers in the Defense, Homeland security and Telecom sectors.

Teleplan Consulting

Expertise for successful business development

Our experienced project managers, IT architects and subject matter experts will guide you through complex, yet awarding digitization projects and changes.

Norconsult Telematics

Technology and business consulting in more than 30 countries

50 years of truly international business with projects in more than 30 countries on 5 continents. Record breaking mobilizations, providing management, technology and business consultants teams of 500 plus professionals. Our customers have trusted us for key roles in projects representing accumulated investments well in excess of 20 billion US dollars.

Real estate

Teleplanbyen - A new corner of Norway in the making

An important part of the Teleplan strategy is development of our real-estate portfolio. The development of "Teleplanbyen" is a major cornerstone in our plans over the next few years.

Innovation/Venture Capital

Innovation is fundamental for our culture

We believe that continual innovation is fundamental for our culture, distinction, and growth – also undeniably required to be in front and shape the technology going forward within our spaces.  As such, we recurrently allocate significant resources and funding to innovation and seed ventures. New products are often created by ideas founded internally, we may also invest in external startups where we identify synergies to own products and/or markets.

More than meets the eye

We do much more than "just business"