More than meets the eye...

Marie (3rd gen owner) started horseback riding at the age of 5.  What was believed to be a few months trying out a new hobby, turned out to become a lifelong passion.

Marie  moved on to competing as a show jumper, and at age 16 she was picked for the national team of Norway for juniors.  From then on she has been a member of the national team.  Along with studies and her involvement in Teleplan, Marie has maintained her position also at the senior level,  giving her the opportunity to represent Norway in numerous championships, World Cup and Nations Cup competitions.

Her passion for horses and the sport was also adopted by the rest of the family. The first years we were all required to get her and her horses around to new competition venues, and still now we enjoy travelling to see her face new challenges in the ring.

Faced with the fact that many of her talented horses reached age of retirement, we formed a companionship with Englands largest breeder of show jumping and eventing horses, William Funnel and his wife Pippa.  At their stud farm, Billy Stud, we set up our own Anglo-Norwegian breeding company, AN Breeding.

With the expertise of Billy Stud and the pedigree from our retired horses we have so far (2021) bred around fifty foals.  It always give great pleasure to go to Surrey and spend a few days on the fields, in the barns and the riding halls to follow up on their development.  It is truly something quite different from a day in the office at Lysaker.

More than meets the eye...

Let's save a lot of food!

To meet, prepare, cook and consume good food together is a favourite hobby and leisure activity for many Teleplan employees.

Sadly enormous amounts of food are wasted around the world every day. We would like to take part in activities to reduce and prevent this: 

Teleplan has invested in Sharenotwaste, a Norwegian initiative with the ambitious aim of saving one billion kilograms of food from ending up as waste.

The SNW initiative was born by award winning chef, restaurant owner and sommelier Trond Moi. The start-up team utilizes app technology enabling producers and consumers to meet at the local level.  Read more about the Fuud sustainability app here.

Teleplan “fuudies” are joining a fast-growing community focusing on finding, selling, buying, sharing and consuming local food.

Let's save a lot of food!

Our home-away-from-home

In 2021 Teleplan bought this idyllic and charming early 20th century building in a prime location at the southern coast of Norway.

The owner’s ambitious plan calls for conservation combined with extensive refurbishment and  investments in modern add-on facilities, indoors and outdoors. The aim is to make this a “home-away-from-home” for Teleplan employees:

  • A boutique hotel for year-round relaxation and adventures in an attractive area
  • A modern workplace for meetings, project team sprints, deep dives and kick-off events
  • A unique place to gather colleagues, family and friends for fun, social, educational and enriching activities

A user group, comprised of Teleplan employees, is heavily involved in the planning from the very start to ensure this will be an attractive and widely used facility.

Our home-away-from-home